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Off Road Champion ·  Building the Best Trucks in the Desert

Troy Herbst grew up behind the wheel. Las Vegas born and bred, Troy is a partner of Herbst Development as well as the vice president of family-owned Terrible Herbst Oil Company. Dedicated to his family and community, Troy ensures his convenience stations foster community engagement and experience. Through incorporating themed activities, social media engagement, and loyalty perks and giveaways, Troy provides his customers with unique and welcoming one-stop-shop convenience stations. With all of these perks, Troy is able to align his business with the motto of the Three C’s: Convenience, Customer service, and Community partner.

In addition to guiding business initiatives and overseeing the daily operations of the American, family-owned business, Troy Herbst finds his passion in off road racing. This interest began with Troy’s father, who first encouraged Troy to get behind the wheel at age fifteen. Troy has been driving ever since, now building and testing some of the best trucks in the desert with Herbst Smith Fabrication. He regularly races with SCORE International, a sanctioning company that specializes in desert racing.


Off road motorsports is more than a hobby for Troy. As the driver of The Landshark – Truggy, sponsored by Monster Energy, Troy boasts 7 off-road championship wins.

Currently, three generations of Herbst men are avid off-road drivers, spanning from Troy’s father to Troy’s son, Riley Herbst, who carries his family-instilled passion with him as an aspiring NASCAR driver. Much like the rest of his family, Troy Herbst enjoys the thrill of off road racing and the satisfaction earned from overcoming challenges and setbacks on the road.

There is nothing to compare to the thrill and challenge of racing through the night. Each race is always a story, always an adventure. As his races often take him through parts of the United States and through Mexico, Troy has the opportunity to meet and connect with people from all walks of life. While he already values community—as exemplified through his commitment to giving back and building an American business with Terrible Herbst throughout the southwest—Troy finds his races especially beneficial, as he is able to extend his outreach even further. He enjoys connecting with other racers, as well as the natives of their racing destinations, and takes pride in forging strong bonds with others.


As an active philanthropist, Troy Herbst continues to spearhead initiatives to raise funds for children in need in both his local community and elsewhere. Last year, he raised half a million dollars for children in southern Nevada and seeks to continue giving back to communities in the future.

  • Sponsored by Monster Energy

  • 7 Time Off Road Champion

  • Driver of the Landshark – Truggy

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